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Personal Websites

A personal website can be beneficial for many reasons. One, all the information a client needs to know is posted on your site. That way when he contacts you there is no discussion regarding your services or money issues.

Two, it helps to create a sense of establishment.

Three, you are able to show case your own personal style, so that you can target the client base you are looking for.

Finally, they can view more images of you then are typically posted on an advertisement. Photos are what tend to sell most men.

Politics Of The Business

” Negative actions against you by other providers can hurt your business. If you take the high road, then any issue will blow over faster. For every one nutty provider you find,there are at least four more that are very helpful and will make you feel welcome.”  ~The Courtesan Handbook

I have been all over the US. I definitely have some favorite cities. Now that I have been based in different cities. I can tell you each is different. You will find a number of different receptions as you enter the community.

One is the ‘check her out’ welcome. You will be welcomed by the local members of the community. However, until you’re established it may take time for people to warm up to you 100%. At that point you may meet another provider or two. You may get invited to ‘meet and greets”. It’s a good way to find a duo partner if you’re looking for one.

Second is a neutral. Some cities boards and adult community are not very active. You will be interacting with clientele primarily. You may have some emailing with local hobbyist.

Finally you have the competitive welcome. This is of course where other ladies feel threatened and try to lash out at you. It is typically passive aggressive little comments on boards or gossiping to clients. I could go on and on about some of the dirty little things ladies do behind the scenes. Many of switch have no real reasoning. They are charged by emotion and fear. For that reason I always suggest taking the ‘high road’. As one friend put it “there is never a saturation of pussy”. We are all different with our own niche. There is no true reason to be competitive. It actually goes against the way of the courtesan.

In an ideal world you are there to have each other’s back. There should be a feeling of sisterhood. You are there to lend an ear in an industry few understand. With that in mind, be caring, be kind and be wise. It’s best not to let these little attacks get to you. Three little words come to mind “worry about yourself”. (and your business)

To do research in the area visit Take a peak at the discussion boards in a few cities. You will see the different vibes. 

Finding Your Image

Finding your image will consist of producing your best outward appearance, as well as, deciding how you want to be perceived in the market place. You want to create an image that will help you to feel strong and sexy. Your image should also be a projection of your true self.

I say this because with time keeping up an act or entirely separate personality can consume more mental energy then need be. In time you will have a distinct separation between your personal and work lives. With this selecting a name that suits your persona is important. It can be challenging, yet very fun creating this new you.

Verification Sites

When it comes to verification sites. Thus far my favorite is Preferred 411. It has many tools to help you attract and screen clients. If you can qualify for their site DO It!

I encourage all my clients to join P411. That way you only have to give out your information once. There are also tools to help you find the perfect lady for you. You can even send a special lady P411 points she can use for upgrades. It’s really a fabulous site.

Preferred 411 is a definitely an amazing tool for any courtesan.


Screening Your Clients

Learning to screen your clients properly in the single most important lessons you will learn as an escort. The formula is not very complex. Yet, if you don’t bother to take the time you could putting yourself is harms way. What you may be surprised to find is that one of the single most important variables to screening is you. Not just your ability to obtain their information and verify it. Your own personal intuition plays a large role is selecting the right client to see. Most in the business call it this ‘going with your gut’. No matter how well a client screens there may still be something in you that doesn’t feel right. I absolutely recommend you go with your personal instincts.

Regardless if a client screens or not. If you are having a bad feeling about the get together then don’t make the appointment. In the long run it isn’t worth you canceling last minute due to nerves or the two of you having a bad connection.

Skin Care Basics

I think you always have to start with good skin care. I couldn’t live without DHC. I love the Virgin Olive OIl! Their shipping is great.


From The Dedication

This sentiment had a big part in me writing the book. Taken from the dedication.


“For all the courtesans who feel isolated by the stigma of the industry, I encourage you to live your own truth” 

Simple Steps To Taking Your Own Photos

Here are some instructions on taking photos on your own. You will of course need a camera with a self timer. Once again you can use a nice area of your own home to take them. Doing photos yourself outdoors is a bit tricky, so I would stick to the house. A tripod will be helpful in positioning the camera. If you don’t have one you can try placing the camera on a flat steady surface.

The bathroom is sometimes a good place to capture good photos. This is because you can aim the camera for the flash to bounce off the mirror to give you added flash. Do not aim it directly at the mirror, but just off to the side. That way the flash is not bursting into the mirror. You want it catching enough reflection to add more light to your photo. This achieves a similar effect as a professional camera. You can also poise in the mirror at the same time, so you know you are getting a good angle of your body. What you may see happen later is that when you crop. The actual image you use will be the one that is transposed in the mirror. The camera will be behind you, so your actually body won’t be facing the camera. In your photo you will see two images. One image will be you with your back somewhat to the camera. Then a second image in the mirror and has your perfect poise.

When you go to crop you will crop out the image in the mirror with the frontal view. There are two downsides to this you should know. First, doing this yourself will take twice as much time. Two, if you do use a bathroom mirror that is at waist level you will only get a half to three-quarter shot of yourself. If you have a full length mirror and can hang a white back drop behind you. You can avoid that problem and get some good full length picks. That is my final tip. If you just have no good background to work with. A good white sheet, ironed flat, is your best friend. Hang it up and shoot in front of it. White is similar to a mirror in that the light bounces of it and will create a better image.

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