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Simple Steps To Taking Your Own Photos

Here are some instructions on taking photos on your own. You will of course need a camera with a self timer. Once again you can use a nice area of your own home to take them. Doing photos yourself outdoors is a bit tricky, so I would stick to the house. A tripod will be helpful in positioning the camera. If you don’t have one you can try placing the camera on a flat steady surface.

The bathroom is sometimes a good place to capture good photos. This is because you can aim the camera for the flash to bounce off the mirror to give you added flash. Do not aim it directly at the mirror, but just off to the side. That way the flash is not bursting into the mirror. You want it catching enough reflection to add more light to your photo. This achieves a similar effect as a professional camera. You can also poise in the mirror at the same time, so you know you are getting a good angle of your body. What you may see happen later is that when you crop. The actual image you use will be the one that is transposed in the mirror. The camera will be behind you, so your actually body won’t be facing the camera. In your photo you will see two images. One image will be you with your back somewhat to the camera. Then a second image in the mirror and has your perfect poise.

When you go to crop you will crop out the image in the mirror with the frontal view. There are two downsides to this you should know. First, doing this yourself will take twice as much time. Two, if you do use a bathroom mirror that is at waist level you will only get a half to three-quarter shot of yourself. If you have a full length mirror and can hang a white back drop behind you. You can avoid that problem and get some good full length picks. That is my final tip. If you just have no good background to work with. A good white sheet, ironed flat, is your best friend. Hang it up and shoot in front of it. White is similar to a mirror in that the light bounces of it and will create a better image.

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