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Screening Your Clients

Learning to screen your clients properly in the single most important lessons you will learn as an escort. The formula is not very complex. Yet, if you don’t bother to take the time you could putting yourself is harms way. What you may be surprised to find is that one of the single most important variables to screening is you. Not just your ability to obtain their information and verify it. Your own personal intuition plays a large role is selecting the right client to see. Most in the business call it this ‘going with your gut’. No matter how well a client screens there may still be something in you that doesn’t feel right. I absolutely recommend you go with your personal instincts.

Regardless if a client screens or not. If you are having a bad feeling about the get together then don’t make the appointment. In the long run it isn’t worth you canceling last minute due to nerves or the two of you having a bad connection.

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