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Verification Sites

When it comes to verification sites. Thus far my favorite is Preferred 411. It has many tools to help you attract and screen clients. If you can qualify for their site DO It!

I encourage all my clients to join P411. That way you only have to give out your information once. There are also tools to help you find the perfect lady for you. You can even send a special lady P411 points she can use for upgrades. It’s really a fabulous site.

Preferred 411 is a definitely an amazing tool for any courtesan.


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One thought on “Verification Sites

  1. AriannaLove on said:

    I’ve been a member for nearly 4 years. I rest well and play hard knowing that my information is ONLY viewed by elite hobbyists who take just as much precaution as I do in the industry. I recently decided to affiliate myself with this forum ONLY. Therefore my only activate ad/account is with my BFF, P411. That’s all I gotta say about that!

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