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Politics Of The Business

” Negative actions against you by other providers can hurt your business. If you take the high road, then any issue will blow over faster. For every one nutty provider you find,there are at least four more that are very helpful and will make you feel welcome.”  ~The Courtesan Handbook

I have been all over the US. I definitely have some favorite cities. Now that I have been based in different cities. I can tell you each is different. You will find a number of different receptions as you enter the community.

One is the ‘check her out’ welcome. You will be welcomed by the local members of the community. However, until you’re established it may take time for people to warm up to you 100%. At that point you may meet another provider or two. You may get invited to ‘meet and greets”. It’s a good way to find a duo partner if you’re looking for one.

Second is a neutral. Some cities boards and adult community are not very active. You will be interacting with clientele primarily. You may have some emailing with local hobbyist.

Finally you have the competitive welcome. This is of course where other ladies feel threatened and try to lash out at you. It is typically passive aggressive little comments on boards or gossiping to clients. I could go on and on about some of the dirty little things ladies do behind the scenes. Many of switch have no real reasoning. They are charged by emotion and fear. For that reason I always suggest taking the ‘high road’. As one friend put it “there is never a saturation of pussy”. We are all different with our own niche. There is no true reason to be competitive. It actually goes against the way of the courtesan.

In an ideal world you are there to have each other’s back. There should be a feeling of sisterhood. You are there to lend an ear in an industry few understand. With that in mind, be caring, be kind and be wise. It’s best not to let these little attacks get to you. Three little words come to mind “worry about yourself”. (and your business)

To do research in the area visit Take a peak at the discussion boards in a few cities. You will see the different vibes. 

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