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From the Author

I just wanted to take a time to express how much I appreciate the support “The Courtesan Handbook” has received.

Different people have been able to take different bits of information from it. I think this is fabulous. However, I want people to know the true intent behind the book. It is something that I put myself into. It was not a project for profit. It is there to provide information for those starting down the path without the tools they need.

It is easy to browse the internet and pick up things here or there. I feel if you are going to make the choice to be an escort, as with any profession, you should have some sort of mentor or training. The best place to be everywhere was through the handbook.

When I would see different boards with ladies posting $150 for an hour of their time. I’ve even seen $80 for 15 minutes. It would almost make me sad. Everyone does have to start somewhere. The internet has helped turn the world’s oldest profession in to even more of a business. There are some industry standards in place. I feel these ladies should have all the background information possible to begin with.

Safety and self-worth are a very important factors in the lifestyle of a courtesan. I was recently told by a seasoned courtesan that the guide had information it took her “years” to learn. That was music to my ears.

Have a fabulous day!


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