Master Courtesan

Official Website of "The Courtesan Handbook"

Foreword by Vin Armani

Sharing an excerpt from “The Courtesan Handbook” foreword..

“The book you are about to read is comprehensive.  The advice that Arden gives in this book is much of the same advice that I have heard her give to her disciples.  I am unaware of another guide that gives such valuable advice on our industry in such a tested and accomplished voice.  As with all artistic pursuits, becoming a master courtesan is as much vision (how you do what you do) as it is program (what you do).  Arden approaches each section of the book with an eye toward what she calls “The Three S’s”: Safety, Sanity, and Sales (in that order).

In addressing safety, The Courtesan’s Handbook gives comprehensive instruction on the all-important screening process that is used industry-wide.  In my experience, escorts who are careful, competent screeners – who are strict in their screening standards – are able to work for years (if not decades) without a significant legal or safety concern.  Arden shares the screening protocol that she uses herself.  This information alone would be worth the price of the book, but Arden also shares methods for successfully handling issues (with both clients and other escorts) that may affect your safety as you begin your career.”

~ Vin Armani / Elite Male escort/ Star of Showtimes Gigolos


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