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Condom Lubricatoin

Never use an oil-based source of lubrication.  This affects the structure of the condom, causing it to break down and become more porous.  Larger pores allow for more materials to be able to cross the latex barrier.  Due to this you never want to use anything like baby oil or massage oil on the penis.

Stick with water-based or jelly lubricant always.  You may also want to try a silicone based lubricant.  They tend to last a long time and are not sticky, but silicone is another substance that some people can find irritating to the skin.

Is A Courtesan Career For You?

Here is what we are going to do!

Ask these questions now…

  1. Are you going to tell your significant other what you plan to do?
  2. Are there people close to you that you feel will be okay with your truth?
  3. Does being with men you don’t know make me feel worthless?
  4. Does being with men for money make you feel hopeless?
  5. Do you have a history of addiction or depression that this career may feed?

Be honest with yourself. Being an escort or career courtesan may not be right for you. I would ask you take the time to do further research. Not all money is good money”  ~Arden Moon



Finding The Rate Right For You

The Courtesan Handbook mentions a number of variables for finding the right rate for you, as well as, the town you are in .

It is always best to research your city. This does not mean compare yourself to others.  There is no competition. Everyone has there own look and talents. There are plenty of clients to go around. In the case of rate, you MUST do what is comfortable to you. You of course don’t want to over sell yourself. It better to over delivery then under whelm.

Keep in mind you can always increase your rate as your talents as a courtesan improve. Some key things to consider when deciding rate.

1) What is the base for you city?

2) Are you going to be touring to another city or cities?

3) Are you presenting a professional image that reflects the rate you are requesting?

4) A woman tends to get what she asks for.

No one should ever make you feel pressured to lower or negotiate your rate. If a gentlemen isn’t comfortable with it. There are plenty of other ladies out there for him. Just stick to your business plan.


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