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True Threesome Fantasies

” A true duo or bisexual fantasy means the two providers are actually bisexual.  It is best to do this with someone you know and with whom you are comfortable.  A true threesome will have interaction (no faking) between all parties.  This is one of my favorite times to break out the toy bag.  From my experience the majority of men like to watch.  This is a great time for kissing, fondling, dildos, and other toys.  Either method will still get you paid.  Actually being into the act of a threesome will get you repeat business, not to mention there is a higher comfort level for everyone involved if you are truly enjoying it and not trying to put on an act.  Men may be thinking more with the “little head” at this point, but they are not completely ignorant.  If you fake it they can tell.  If there is a specific request that it be all about him, then any two escorts will do.” ` “The Courtesan Handbook”


I feel these are the most fun for everyone. Also less pressure on the client to perform for two ladies, when those ladies are entertaining each other.

Meeting New Clients

Meeting new clients can be a bit of a dance you learn with time. Both sides are typically nervous. Neither knows just what to expect.

I feel as the courtesan it’s your job to help the client get past the nerves. Nervousness is to be expected. The sooner you can make the person feel as if they are in good hands the better. Initially you will need to read your clients verbiage and behavior. Some need your undivided attention. Others need you to take them away.

The key to this is listening. If he isn’t saying much, then it’s most likely good for you to take the lead. Make him feel at ease. A bit of humor is always good to help break the ice. If he’s talking to you about things that have been stressful then just listen. Then continue by taking his mind off the things that may be burdening him.

Not ever person will let you in enough to do this. However, it should be your intent to make your best effort every time.


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