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Arden’s Personal Note

Happy Holidays!

I am extremely grateful for all the support and positive feedback the ladies have given. All the comments on the value of the information The Courtesan Handbook contains brings a smile to my face. It is a gift. My gift to the industry. A small stepping stone for those ladies entering the business.

My intent was never financial. I was sadden to see woman entering the business with no mentor. Seeing offers of $80 for 15 mins. Beautiful girls without the knowledge base to configure a proper website or know what the average rate is in their town. More importantly knowing the smaller actions that you need to take to be safe.

I’m so happy so many have taken advantage of the free Kindle download this week. Please share it, borrow it, pass it on. If anyone can take a few tips or find a chapter that helps them fabulous! Then my mission with this handbook is complete.

I removed some chapters to keep the book from being overwhelming with information. I am now inspired to create the second handbook which will contain more advance tools for attracting clients, marketing your business and establishing yourself long-term. I will probably give away a few more industry secrets. Perhaps not so much secrets but things ladies are too afraid to talk about openly.

I do feel a few of the larger websites related to our industry have taken over and somewhat dictate how the ladies run their business. I would love to see the ladies take the power back. I think all should realize it is the talent of the beautiful women that perpetuate the existence of the worlds oldest profession. It is dictated by your talents and desire. Reviews, rules, and ratings list should not dictate how you run your business. I hope in the future I can provide information to regain the “power of the pussy”. It is a crude way to put it I know. However, it is the bottom line. Comparisons, style of others, rules made my industry sites should never impose upon how you feel about yourself or run your business.

Sadly my honestly gets me into trouble at time. Despite my concerns of backlash. I am her to give all ladies a voice. I hope any of you brave enough will join me.

Much Love,

Arden Moon





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