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Support Email Address

The Courtesan Handbook does have a support email address.

If you have questions you would like me to address on this site please feel free to contact me.

This support address is also good if you:

~ Would like to advertise on this site

~ Are an established provider and wold like to write an editorial

~ If you provider a service, such as counseling or tax services to the escorting community and would like to advertise your services. I am also happy to entertain you writing an entry in regards to the services you provide.

If you feel you have something positive to contribute. Please don’t be shy.

You can contact me at:

Wishing you the best!

Arden Moon


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3 thoughts on “Support Email Address

  1. I have been reading your book and loved the first part of it, and found it very informative. I just read something though that has left me literally speechless and shocked, and I am wondering if I am just not understanding you correctly. It would appear that you advise to always use protection during intercourse, but not while giving a man oral???? Isn’t that pointless? Why use a condom at all if your only protected part of the time? Am I missing something here, because this sounds like really bad advice. Educate me please.

    • Personal safety is up to the individual. There are ladies that offer anal with no protection as well. There are woman that advertise bareback all together. Even a condom is not 100%. Therefore, there is no guarantee. The standard in the business is that most do not use a condom with a BJ. The majority of STD’s are transmitted through genital contact or fluids.
      However, there are ladies and clients alike that prefer covered. It being a matter of pointless is a little subjective. Obviously if someone has any sort of sores in that area you wouldn’t be following through anyway. I state many times that what is in the book it is my opinion or experience. It is up to each lady to decide what is healthiest for her. I hope that addresses your question.

  2. Hey! I purchased your book and wanted direction on how to take my own photos from home. I would like to blur my face out.

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