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When To Say No

When do you say no. Anytime your gut tells you too. Even if gentlemen are well screened there could be a gut feeling that you just won’t “click”. This could come from his verbiage, constant emails or perhaps an inappropriate comment. It is always best to go with you gut. You may or may not always be right. It’s best if you can be in a position where you don’t have to take the appointment, so you feel free to just say no.

It’s much better to let an appointment go than to enter a situation you aren’t 100% comfortable in. Many times you will find you are right. It’s never good for either side if an appointment doesn’t go well or you are hurt.

Always remind yourself. “All money isn’t good money”. Sometimes taking the chance things will go south just isn’t worth the risk. Always know that you can just say “no thank you”.

Have a great day!

Arden Moon

A Good Tax Resource

It’s that time of year! There are some great firms who specialize in helping ladies in the industry do their taxes, etc.

You may want to look into a company that can give you assistance in this area. They are here to help. It’s a very important issue to cover in your business. They are able to assist you whether or not they are located near you. I feel it’s good to have peace of mind on this topic.

Have a great week!

Arden Moon

Westwood Tax


Tele: (212)835-1664

Gauging A Client’s Personality

Excerpt from The Courtesan Handbook:

“A good place to start is to gauge your client’s personality.  In my case, one of the first things I always looked for was whether or not the client wanted to control the session.  Is he the type, instead, to just lay back and let me take him for a ride?  Another thing I would look for first off was if he was the type that liked to talk “to me” or “at me.”  If he was a talker, I knew I had to put my listening ears on.  If he enjoyed mutual conversation then I would start off by finding out his interests.  These are just a couple of common things that will differ from gentlemen to gentlemen.

Being personable and using your common sense will make it very easy for you to get through almost any situation.  A key point to keep in mind is that men are only human.  They may even tend to be very simple creatures at times.  However, given a few moments you can find something of interest in just about any personality”



Amazon Review Jan. 2, 2014


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