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Gauging A Client’s Personality

Excerpt from The Courtesan Handbook:

“A good place to start is to gauge your client’s personality.  In my case, one of the first things I always looked for was whether or not the client wanted to control the session.  Is he the type, instead, to just lay back and let me take him for a ride?  Another thing I would look for first off was if he was the type that liked to talk “to me” or “at me.”  If he was a talker, I knew I had to put my listening ears on.  If he enjoyed mutual conversation then I would start off by finding out his interests.  These are just a couple of common things that will differ from gentlemen to gentlemen.

Being personable and using your common sense will make it very easy for you to get through almost any situation.  A key point to keep in mind is that men are only human.  They may even tend to be very simple creatures at times.  However, given a few moments you can find something of interest in just about any personality”



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