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When To Say No

When do you say no. Anytime your gut tells you too. Even if gentlemen are well screened there could be a gut feeling that you just won’t “click”. This could come from his verbiage, constant emails or perhaps an inappropriate comment. It is always best to go with you gut. You may or may not always be right. It’s best if you can be in a position where you don’t have to take the appointment, so you feel free to just say no.

It’s much better to let an appointment go than to enter a situation you aren’t 100% comfortable in. Many times you will find you are right. It’s never good for either side if an appointment doesn’t go well or you are hurt.

Always remind yourself. “All money isn’t good money”. Sometimes taking the chance things will go south just isn’t worth the risk. Always know that you can just say “no thank you”.

Have a great day!

Arden Moon

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