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Book Revision & New Site

A second edition of “The Courtesan Handbook” is in the works. A new site has been developed for assistance in business and lifestyle management issue.


We hope you’ll join us at There you can get assistance in many area to help grow your business and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you for your patience and continued support. Be well, be safe



What is Escorting?

This is an excerpt from “The Courtesan Handbook” Having a background knowledge of, as well as, a love for what you do make for longevity in the industry.  ~Arden Moon

What is escorting? Basically, to be an escort is to receive money or gifts in exchange for your company and, in many cases, a sexual encounter. Does this mean that an escort lies on her back and someone just hands her money? No. Making top dollar as a professional escort takes work. You have to have good looks, brains and class. Furthermore, being an escort is not for everyone. Before you even start to read this book you should take the readiness test and see how you score. You may find the world of escorting isn’t as easy as you think. There is no way to transfer all my years of know-how to you. My hope is that by the time you finish this book, you will have all the tools you need to develop your own business style without going about things “the hard way.” To start, I want to introduce a key concept: The Three S’s.

Sales, Safety and Sanity!

Never let those three basic ideas leave your mind in any transaction. I can give you the tools, but you have to use them.
In the past escorting was not perceived as a profession or trade. Although often termed “The world’s oldest profession,” many still look upon the career as solely the domain of down-fallen women. It is a pity that, no matter her background, an escorted may still find herself tagged with this stereotype. Women in the escort business are often assumed to be abused, mentally unstable, on drugs, or possibly pressured by a significant other or pimp. Whether walking the street or working as a high class companion, there may always be a stigma attached to the profession. Because you are not sticking to the social norms, being an escort will cause you to look at the world in a different than the rest of the population does. Why be normal? Normal and mundane is highly overrated. Different minds will perceive you in different ways. Do not be surprised if even the most understanding individuals still look at you as somewhat defective.
There will also always be some mental and physical risks that you take as an escort. Due to these risks, friends and family will most likely prefer to see you in a “healthier lifestyle.” You’ll have to decide, up front, how much you want your personal life to cross over into your professional. How much do you want those close to you to know? My hope is that with over a decade of experience in adult entertainment, I can guide you through the safest way to create a lucrative business, as well as take care of yourself personally.
To begin this process I think it is very important to know the history of the courtesan. Why? I believe having a history of those who came before you will help instill a sense of pride for what you do.
I’ll be up front and let you know now that being on someone else’s dime all the time can wear on you personally. The more pride you can take in yourself and your occupation the better off you will be. “Courtesan” is a long forgotten term used centuries ago in the profession. The courtesan was very often a female companion to royalty and nobles. Very often it was the courtesan that kept the economy moving in newborn cities and towns. Many women actually achieved great wealth and courtesans were some of the earliest female business and land owners.
The book, Grandes Horizontales, The Lives and Legend of Four Nineteenth Century Courtesans, by Virginia Rounding is an excellent read for the life story of a renowned courtesan envied for her wealth and immortalized in sculpture and poetry. Other great sources for background on the art of escorting can be found via a number of History Channel productions. Their productions of the History of Sex, History of Prostitution: Sex in the City, and Prostitution: Sex and the Law are excellent for a look at escorting through the ages.

Latest Review

From C. in California. Thank you for the kind Amazon review.

“Arden Moon did a fantastic job writing this book! I’m very glad I finally bought it & it was filled with very useful information. If you’re starting out this is a must read. I’ve been in the business for 4 yrs and if I had read this book it would have saved me some lessons & steps! Good luck & thanks again Arden for the great read!”

Escorting and Dating

This is a question I hear very often from escorts. Can I still date? What do I tell him?

There are escorts in very strong relationships. Some ladies are even married. I have seen couples out there that work together.

If you are an escort looking to date it can be hard. The preconceived notions of what you actually do can stand in the way. It’s hard for someone who hasn’t been in the business to understand in total what an escort does.

For the most part I see ladies who make up stories and don’t tell the person they are dating the truth. The advice I was given by my friends and family was similar. “Let him get to know you first”, they would say. To me this was lying. I didn’t want someone to fall for me. Then months later I’m faced with telling them the truth. At that point even if they do understand. Will they be upset I was dishonest for so long? I know I would be. My most successful and longest relationships have been with men in the adult business. Of course the chances of you meeting a club owner, dancer or male escort that you have feelings for is statistically low. I’ve been blessed.

My advice is to plan to not to date seriously or be honest. I don’t feel stressing yourself with lies or drama is worth it. Escorting can be an alienating position. It is tempting to go against your better judgement to fill the needs of the heart. Whether it is worth it for you in the long run, only you can decide. Make friends with ladies in the industry. I find that to always be helpful.

Follow your heart when it comes to dating and what information you share. People’s minds tend to be more open these days. You never know how true and deep things can run in a relationship.

I wish you all the best!




A Quick Note From Arden

Thank you again to all who have given such positive feedback in regards to the insight The Courtesan Handbook has given them.

I have been asked if there will be a second book with more in-depth information on certain topics, as well as, address some more advanced issues not in this printing. The answer is “yes”.

I am happily taking notes from your questions and comments. Again, I had to remove a couple of chapters to not make to book overwhelming with new information. I wanted to reader to feel she is being guided through the initial set up of her career. My next book will cover more tricks of the trade so to speak. Give away some things few are open to talk about and definitely cover more on marketing on the world-wide web.

So please keep those suggestions and comments coming! Don’t worry. You won’t insult be. I know each person’s experience is different. I love to hear your thoughts. You are always free to comment here. You can also reach me through

Have a blessed day!

Arden Moon

Author’s Request


If you have read The Courtesan Handbook and found it of value. Please feel free to write a review on Amazon.

It can always be anonymous. I would greatly appreciate it. It will let people know this is not “fluff” and can truly be useful to those starting out or not sure if they have all the information they need to be a successful escort in the digital age.

Thank you!


Arden’s Personal Note

Happy Holidays!

I am extremely grateful for all the support and positive feedback the ladies have given. All the comments on the value of the information The Courtesan Handbook contains brings a smile to my face. It is a gift. My gift to the industry. A small stepping stone for those ladies entering the business.

My intent was never financial. I was sadden to see woman entering the business with no mentor. Seeing offers of $80 for 15 mins. Beautiful girls without the knowledge base to configure a proper website or know what the average rate is in their town. More importantly knowing the smaller actions that you need to take to be safe.

I’m so happy so many have taken advantage of the free Kindle download this week. Please share it, borrow it, pass it on. If anyone can take a few tips or find a chapter that helps them fabulous! Then my mission with this handbook is complete.

I removed some chapters to keep the book from being overwhelming with information. I am now inspired to create the second handbook which will contain more advance tools for attracting clients, marketing your business and establishing yourself long-term. I will probably give away a few more industry secrets. Perhaps not so much secrets but things ladies are too afraid to talk about openly.

I do feel a few of the larger websites related to our industry have taken over and somewhat dictate how the ladies run their business. I would love to see the ladies take the power back. I think all should realize it is the talent of the beautiful women that perpetuate the existence of the worlds oldest profession. It is dictated by your talents and desire. Reviews, rules, and ratings list should not dictate how you run your business. I hope in the future I can provide information to regain the “power of the pussy”. It is a crude way to put it I know. However, it is the bottom line. Comparisons, style of others, rules made my industry sites should never impose upon how you feel about yourself or run your business.

Sadly my honestly gets me into trouble at time. Despite my concerns of backlash. I am her to give all ladies a voice. I hope any of you brave enough will join me.

Much Love,

Arden Moon





Advertisement Sites

Hello All,

I wanted to take a moment and post some sites worth looking into. I realize some are in the resource section of the book. I’d like to just have some here for those setting up “shop” so to speak.


A couple of these sites have requirements you must meet first. Be patient. All good things come in time.

Be well. Be Safe. ~Arden Moon

A Sweet Thank You From Canada

I was so flattered when I got this email I had to share. I’m so happy that ladies are being able to take things from The Courtesan Handbook and apply it to their business.  I always hope that ladies will be as safe and successful as they can be.

“I am a fairly new companion to the industry and I just wanted to personally thank you for writing your book and creating the Master Courtesan blog. So many light bulbs have flicked on for me and your advice is beyond needed and welcomed”

“That’s all 🙂 Just wanted to send some light and love your way. “


Thank you Jas for taking the time to reach out and let me know it made a difference in your career path.

Lots of Love,

Arden Moon




Latest Amazon Review

By Doris Mimosa on October 28, 2013
Format: Kindle Edition Amazon Verified Purchase

I was looking for an opportunity to get in to this business for a while.When I saw this book title I know I found the best way to learn more about it.
It almost has all the answer of my questions and has lots of details about how to start this business by myself.
Following the steps,I only take 2 months to start set up everything and doing all right now.
Thank you Doris. I have been truly humbled by those starting out or new established who have been able to put “The Courtesan Handbook” to good use. Anytime I can make someone’s path a bit easier, it brings me such joy.
Be Safe and always take care of you,
Arden Moon

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