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Working On Your Cycle

Let’s face it. No one really likes to talk about this, but everyone wants to know. So here goes…

Let me start by saying everyone is different. These are just general methods to dealing with your monthly friend.

If you do have a regular cycle I always recommended taking a few days off to let your body cleanse itself naturally. Sometimes this isn’t an option if you have something special planned. Here are some of the most common ways ladies deal with this topic.

1) Getting on birth control so you no longer have a cycle.

2) Keeping track of your 28 day cycle and taking off the day of heavy flow.

3) Using a non-latex makeup sponge on light days or spotting.

4) Using a “soft cup” or  the “diva cup”. (Effectiveness will depend on your anatomy. Tend to leak if your flow is heavy)

5) Using makeup sponges placed inside of a soft cup.

6) Cutting a tampon in half, with exception of the string. Balling up the string and placing it in it’s entirety up as far as you are comfortable. (Leave the string! It may be tricky to get back out)

7) Shepard’s Purse is a homeopathic said to stop cycle flow if taken at onset of your cycle.

8) Use red or colored condoms if you are light or spotting. This way there will be no red tinge on the end of the condom if you are spotting a bit.

Please take caution when inserting anything. It should be covering your cervix. At the same time you don’t want it lodged so far up you can’t retrieve it later. Sometimes doggie or deeper positions are good to avoid. That may keep the material from being placed any further up the vaginal canal.

Hope this is helpful!


Your Photos On Social Media

This is directed at the ladies in the industry that blur their face for safety or personal reasons.

There are some who have beautiful photos and then blur there face. This is understandable for many reasons. The photos are gorgeous and you want to share them with people in your private life, so you post them on your personal account.  I often see them on Instagram and Twitter.

I’m not sure if many of you realize these photos are easily traceable. Programs like Tin Eye and Google Images can match the images from your professional website to those posted on a personal account. (Some blocking may prevent this) Depending on how much personal information about yourself you post on your personal social media account. This could potentially give clients, friends or family a wealth of information about your life.

If you are choosing to keep the two lives separate then keep your photos separate too. This is my chosen lifestyle. It is easy for me to not have any personal accounts. There is no right or wrong. It’s simply a matter of safety. Be aware of what you are posting on the internet. Very little is private on the Worldwide Web, so play it safe.

Have a wonderful week!



Client Catch Up

Summer time can be slow. It may be time to catch up with old clients.

Maybe you haven’t heard from your ATF for awhile. Take some of your summer free time to catch up. Give yourself 30 mins or an hour. Take that time to drop a quick note to a few friends. See how they are doing. Send them a pic or cartoon you found.

There is no reason to be passive. Summer can still be a great time for you!


Love and Kisses,

Arden Moon

Simple Things To Do

Here are a few simple tips for interacting with your clients. It’s not rocket science. However, depending you where you live. You may find some companions forget the basics. Seduction doesn’t start nor end in the bedroom.

Quick “Do” List:

  • Answer emails and phone calls in a timely manner.
  • Be on time.
  • Always be ready and in the mood to entertain.
  • Always find something to be complimentary about.
  • Get directions ahead of time.
  • Be sure you have done your screening ahead of the appointment time.
  • Always dress appropriate for each meeting.
  • Try to be courteous at all times, EVEN if a client is being abrasive and you are walking out or canceling.
  • Keep up your appearance with proper diet, exercise and skin care.
  • Call if you are more than fifteen minutes late.
  • Practice faking an orgasm.
  • Send a “Thank You” note as a follow up.

Have a blessed day!

Arden Moon

When To Say No

When do you say no. Anytime your gut tells you too. Even if gentlemen are well screened there could be a gut feeling that you just won’t “click”. This could come from his verbiage, constant emails or perhaps an inappropriate comment. It is always best to go with you gut. You may or may not always be right. It’s best if you can be in a position where you don’t have to take the appointment, so you feel free to just say no.

It’s much better to let an appointment go than to enter a situation you aren’t 100% comfortable in. Many times you will find you are right. It’s never good for either side if an appointment doesn’t go well or you are hurt.

Always remind yourself. “All money isn’t good money”. Sometimes taking the chance things will go south just isn’t worth the risk. Always know that you can just say “no thank you”.

Have a great day!

Arden Moon

Gauging A Client’s Personality

Excerpt from The Courtesan Handbook:

“A good place to start is to gauge your client’s personality.  In my case, one of the first things I always looked for was whether or not the client wanted to control the session.  Is he the type, instead, to just lay back and let me take him for a ride?  Another thing I would look for first off was if he was the type that liked to talk “to me” or “at me.”  If he was a talker, I knew I had to put my listening ears on.  If he enjoyed mutual conversation then I would start off by finding out his interests.  These are just a couple of common things that will differ from gentlemen to gentlemen.

Being personable and using your common sense will make it very easy for you to get through almost any situation.  A key point to keep in mind is that men are only human.  They may even tend to be very simple creatures at times.  However, given a few moments you can find something of interest in just about any personality”



Marketing and Your Ego

Welcome to 2014!

In the coming year you will see new things heading your way in regards to online marketing. Beware!Don’t cater to you ego to fill someone’s pocket.

You have seen the websites who parade reviews across the world-wide web. Only then to place, or not, place you on a subjective list of supposed elite companions. You will see new sites arise doing the same. I promise you a vast majority of these sites come and go within 2 yrs maximum. These reviews and placement “do not” an elite courtesan make. They are subjective. Often the are one-sided, bought, begged, charmed or negotiated for. I encourage you NOT to be sucked in. This is catering to your ego only! This is how the advertisers get you to spend hard-earned money on sites for appearance sake, which actually bring you little to no business. Do you want to be part of the herd or do you want to stand out for your individual talents? The potential client does care about a label at the end of the day. In fact it is to your disadvantage to be anything but yourself. Yes, you are often selling a fantasy. However, there is a difference between delivering that fantasy and creating an image which promotes some higher expectation that no woman can deliver. This doesn’t nurture repeat visits.

I encourage you to do your research when spending you advertising dollar. Something that works for one escort may not work for another. Don’t be sucked in because you aren’t “featured” on every website in town. This is the industries way to cater to your ego. Words like “feature” “elite” “sponsored” “advanced placement” are all ego based to make you feel as if you are creating a place for yourself that makes you special. You are special. However, is that placement doing what it truly should. Bringing you new clients and companions. Is it really telling people who you are? Or in the end are you just another name on the list or a face on a row of photos?

I ask that you think independently. Don’t follow what you think the perceived top ladies are doing. Don’t follow something a gentlemen hobbyist tells you, because he must know what works. A large part of this business on many levels is about going with you gut. If I can be so bold, follow your heart. What it true to you? How do you want to be seen?

How do you do this? Take control of your own image and the avenues you control. Take a fresh look at your website. Does it truly make a statement about who you are? Take a look at your photos. Take advantage of a blog or personal page so that people can get to know you. Great connections make for great companions. You can catch their eye with a great photograph. You can keep their attention by starting a connection before they even contact you with appropriate content that represents you. Don’t allow them to direct you by catering to your ego.

Stay in your lane, but never stay married to a position. DO YOU!

Wishing you all the best in 2014! ~ Arden Moon



True Threesome Fantasies

” A true duo or bisexual fantasy means the two providers are actually bisexual.  It is best to do this with someone you know and with whom you are comfortable.  A true threesome will have interaction (no faking) between all parties.  This is one of my favorite times to break out the toy bag.  From my experience the majority of men like to watch.  This is a great time for kissing, fondling, dildos, and other toys.  Either method will still get you paid.  Actually being into the act of a threesome will get you repeat business, not to mention there is a higher comfort level for everyone involved if you are truly enjoying it and not trying to put on an act.  Men may be thinking more with the “little head” at this point, but they are not completely ignorant.  If you fake it they can tell.  If there is a specific request that it be all about him, then any two escorts will do.” ` “The Courtesan Handbook”


I feel these are the most fun for everyone. Also less pressure on the client to perform for two ladies, when those ladies are entertaining each other.

Meeting New Clients

Meeting new clients can be a bit of a dance you learn with time. Both sides are typically nervous. Neither knows just what to expect.

I feel as the courtesan it’s your job to help the client get past the nerves. Nervousness is to be expected. The sooner you can make the person feel as if they are in good hands the better. Initially you will need to read your clients verbiage and behavior. Some need your undivided attention. Others need you to take them away.

The key to this is listening. If he isn’t saying much, then it’s most likely good for you to take the lead. Make him feel at ease. A bit of humor is always good to help break the ice. If he’s talking to you about things that have been stressful then just listen. Then continue by taking his mind off the things that may be burdening him.

Not ever person will let you in enough to do this. However, it should be your intent to make your best effort every time.


Knowing Clients Personalities

One of the most difficult parts of being a courtesan is learning to see your clients needs. This is something that  is only done with time and practice. It is most often to your benefit to listen first and respond second. For example…

The Sterile Guy:

This name does not imply that the client is physically sterile.  This client is “sterile” in the sense that he lacks a certain amount of emotion or animation.  This is often times a very business-focused, driven individual.  For example, this could be your busy executive or Type-A overachiever.  His brain doesn’t stop.  He is constantly thinking about his next meeting or task.  Even though he has booked time with you for an intimate encounter, he still may not be all there with you mentally.  It is not your place to feel responsible if he can’t unwind and enjoy your time together.  You can only do your best.  I have met a number of these men and most have been very successful.  Yet, they were uptight and sterile on several levels.  With all that is client has on his mind, be forewarned, he may have a hard time getting an erection.

Talking about something light and not related to business is a good way to start.  You can continue on with offering a massage and doing your best to get him to relax.  This sort of personality can at times come across as a bit controlling.  If he is used to being the boss and getting what he wants, he may already have in mind how he wants the session to go.  As long as it is nothing harmful to you, just go with it and try to follow his lead.  He may also be very quiet or seem to be in deep thought.  Don’t be afraid to compliment him on his sexual skills or appearance.  Every man, no matter what his status, wants to hear positive reinforcement.   ~ Excerpt “The Courtesan Handbook”

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