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Book Revision & New Site

A second edition of “The Courtesan Handbook” is in the works. A new site has been developed for assistance in business and lifestyle management issue.


We hope you’ll join us at There you can get assistance in many area to help grow your business and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you for your patience and continued support. Be well, be safe



Isolation In Escorting

The feeling of isolation is something many escorts face. Most often this is due to dealing with the taboos of society. Fear creates a barrier. Very often ladies are not able to speak openly about there career choice to friends or family therefore feeling isolated. The are of course other ladies in the industry who share this feeling. Yet again due to fears regarding cattiness and competition ladies are very often reluctant to seek out friendship within the industry. Isolation is something you should definitely deal with head on. For many isolation leads to negative energy or lack of enthusiasm when it comes to clients. The saddest things we see from isolation in the industry is self medicating with can be life changing.

If these are your thoughts, you are by no means alone. I counsel women on a weekly basis for just this reason. I am privileged to consult on business choices and the lifestyle itself. Most importantly I am able to lend an ear. Sometimes it is things going on in their personal life. More often than not it’s issues we all face on our path as courtesans. There are some ladies that aid their self care by having a professional counselor or mentor in there life. I find that professional counselors can be helpful if they are non-judgmental about your career choice. (Venting to clients is highly discouraged)

You can make friends in the industry. It takes time and patients. As with any relationship to you have to pick and choose who you give your energy to. Filtering is also very important. I’m not saying they will be you BFF for life. However, it is helpful to have some you can “talk shop” with sort of speak. As in most cases where our fears stand in our way. You will most likely find you have far more in common than differences. You may even find a bit of a “sisterhood” very often lost of late with the influx of new talent to the industry. On many occasions I have often learned a new trick or two.

No matter the route you take. I believe that just being heard and hearing that others share your feelings or concerns is very healing. It ultimately creates a good balance between caring for your clients and caring for yourself. You exhaust a lot of energy doing for others. It is a small way you can give back to yourself.

I hope you find this helpful.. Arden xo

*Note: I ask if you want to ask questions or respond to this post you do so here. I would like to be able to share experiences with as many as possible.

Working On Your Cycle

Let’s face it. No one really likes to talk about this, but everyone wants to know. So here goes…

Let me start by saying everyone is different. These are just general methods to dealing with your monthly friend.

If you do have a regular cycle I always recommended taking a few days off to let your body cleanse itself naturally. Sometimes this isn’t an option if you have something special planned. Here are some of the most common ways ladies deal with this topic.

1) Getting on birth control so you no longer have a cycle.

2) Keeping track of your 28 day cycle and taking off the day of heavy flow.

3) Using a non-latex makeup sponge on light days or spotting.

4) Using a “soft cup” or  the “diva cup”. (Effectiveness will depend on your anatomy. Tend to leak if your flow is heavy)

5) Using makeup sponges placed inside of a soft cup.

6) Cutting a tampon in half, with exception of the string. Balling up the string and placing it in it’s entirety up as far as you are comfortable. (Leave the string! It may be tricky to get back out)

7) Shepard’s Purse is a homeopathic said to stop cycle flow if taken at onset of your cycle.

8) Use red or colored condoms if you are light or spotting. This way there will be no red tinge on the end of the condom if you are spotting a bit.

Please take caution when inserting anything. It should be covering your cervix. At the same time you don’t want it lodged so far up you can’t retrieve it later. Sometimes doggie or deeper positions are good to avoid. That may keep the material from being placed any further up the vaginal canal.

Hope this is helpful!


Dating As An Escort

Dating as an escort is a very common concern. Most likely it will remain to be until a time when there is less taboo around sexuality here in the United States.

I am asked most often if one should tell the person that they are dating. I feel this is a moral question. It is really based more on ones belief system. There is no right or wrong answer. There is only the answer that is best for you.

I would suggest you ask yourself the following when deciding which decision is best for your situation.

1) How will you feel about yourself if you are not honest?

2) Where would you like to see the relationship go in the long term?

3) If you are not honest initially. Will this person be hurt by finding the truth later on?

My personal dating experience is limited. I prefer relationships were I can be honest. Therefore, finding someone able to accept my career can be tricky. It is something I am comfortable with. At the same time it makes the relationships I do have that much closer for having shared my experience.

At the end of the day it is about what makes you feel comfortable. You want to have a healthy happy relationship. How you create that is ultimately completely in your control.

Best Wishes,


Escorting and Dating

This is a question I hear very often from escorts. Can I still date? What do I tell him?

There are escorts in very strong relationships. Some ladies are even married. I have seen couples out there that work together.

If you are an escort looking to date it can be hard. The preconceived notions of what you actually do can stand in the way. It’s hard for someone who hasn’t been in the business to understand in total what an escort does.

For the most part I see ladies who make up stories and don’t tell the person they are dating the truth. The advice I was given by my friends and family was similar. “Let him get to know you first”, they would say. To me this was lying. I didn’t want someone to fall for me. Then months later I’m faced with telling them the truth. At that point even if they do understand. Will they be upset I was dishonest for so long? I know I would be. My most successful and longest relationships have been with men in the adult business. Of course the chances of you meeting a club owner, dancer or male escort that you have feelings for is statistically low. I’ve been blessed.

My advice is to plan to not to date seriously or be honest. I don’t feel stressing yourself with lies or drama is worth it. Escorting can be an alienating position. It is tempting to go against your better judgement to fill the needs of the heart. Whether it is worth it for you in the long run, only you can decide. Make friends with ladies in the industry. I find that to always be helpful.

Follow your heart when it comes to dating and what information you share. People’s minds tend to be more open these days. You never know how true and deep things can run in a relationship.

I wish you all the best!




Who are your clients?

Clients are your bread and butter.  It is best to get to know as much as you can about men.  We are all human and we all have the same basic needs.  We all want to be heard.  We all want to feel desired and feel a physical connection with someone from time to time.  Who you meet will depend on the niche you chose and the way you market yourself.  You will have encounters with men from all walks of life.  In my career I have dealt with corporate managers, small business owners and CEO’s, professional athletes, lawyers, doctors, diplomats, and more.

Always remember that despite the size of their bank account these men have the same character traits as the rest of the general public.  A man’s financial success does not insure that he is kind, safe, or someone you want to deal with for your own health and mental well-being.  Just because they are of a high social ranking does not mean that they will be the ideal date.  It is best to wipe any ideas of Prince Charming from your mind and deal with each person on an individual basis.

Creating a safe and light environment for your client to be themselves is your primary goal.


Condom Lubricatoin

Never use an oil-based source of lubrication.  This affects the structure of the condom, causing it to break down and become more porous.  Larger pores allow for more materials to be able to cross the latex barrier.  Due to this you never want to use anything like baby oil or massage oil on the penis.

Stick with water-based or jelly lubricant always.  You may also want to try a silicone based lubricant.  They tend to last a long time and are not sticky, but silicone is another substance that some people can find irritating to the skin.

Is A Courtesan Career For You?

Here is what we are going to do!

Ask these questions now…

  1. Are you going to tell your significant other what you plan to do?
  2. Are there people close to you that you feel will be okay with your truth?
  3. Does being with men you don’t know make me feel worthless?
  4. Does being with men for money make you feel hopeless?
  5. Do you have a history of addiction or depression that this career may feed?

Be honest with yourself. Being an escort or career courtesan may not be right for you. I would ask you take the time to do further research. Not all money is good money”  ~Arden Moon



Skin Care Basics

I think you always have to start with good skin care. I couldn’t live without DHC. I love the Virgin Olive OIl! Their shipping is great.


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