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Book Revision & New Site

A second edition of “The Courtesan Handbook” is in the works. A new site has been developed for assistance in business and lifestyle management issue.


We hope you’ll join us at There you can get assistance in many area to help grow your business and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you for your patience and continued support. Be well, be safe



Blurring Your Face

There is no right or wrong on whether to blur your face. I have found over the years it doesn’t seem to make much difference either way.

I have found that some ladies are not sure how to blur their face. I personally use Photoshop to blur my own. There are a number of simple software programs that contain a bur tool. You should also be aware a number of the major advertisers offer this service at not charge. You can contact their representative or include when the request in you email with the ad content.

In addition many advertising sites have a blur tool in your account settings that you can use to blur or crop your photos.

It’s typically pretty straight forward. If you aren’t really very computer savvy. Don’t be be concerned over learning something new. It’s super easy. You got this!

Here is a previous entry on taking photos on your own. It’s a little outdated but still effective.

Best of luck!


Your Photos On Social Media

This is directed at the ladies in the industry that blur their face for safety or personal reasons.

There are some who have beautiful photos and then blur there face. This is understandable for many reasons. The photos are gorgeous and you want to share them with people in your private life, so you post them on your personal account.  I often see them on Instagram and Twitter.

I’m not sure if many of you realize these photos are easily traceable. Programs like Tin Eye and Google Images can match the images from your professional website to those posted on a personal account. (Some blocking may prevent this) Depending on how much personal information about yourself you post on your personal social media account. This could potentially give clients, friends or family a wealth of information about your life.

If you are choosing to keep the two lives separate then keep your photos separate too. This is my chosen lifestyle. It is easy for me to not have any personal accounts. There is no right or wrong. It’s simply a matter of safety. Be aware of what you are posting on the internet. Very little is private on the Worldwide Web, so play it safe.

Have a wonderful week!




First, let me say I apologize for not positing for some time.

Now, I realize the economy is slow right now.  You will see this anytime world events are unfolding. Of course this is also all relative to your price point. The end of the summer is also typically a slow time.  Please don’t panic ladies. This is in part why it’s always a good idea to put away money when things are more productive.

It’s a good time to look at your marketing. I have had my book criticized in regards to the marketing being incorrect or misinformed. I don’t take it personally, however it does amuse me as every city is different. There is no right or wrong way.

Your marketing should be geared to your persona, city and price point. What I call the big three are present in most cities. (P411, Eros and CityVibe) Yet, in each city clients tend to gravitate to one over the other. It’s best to do your research. Find out what clients are using more in your city. An example would be here in Las Vegas. Currently there is such a saturation of ladies some don’t pay for advertising at all.

I know ladies who do good business by using the local and national boards. They also spend time actively contacting clients they have seen before. Despite being a slow time this is very cost-effective for them, as they are not paying the cost of advertising.  Don’t be afraid to experiment. There is no right or wrong. There is only what works best for you.

Hope this find you happy, healthy and successful in life.

Arden Moon

Advertising Sites

Here are some of my favorite advertising sites:

Having great photos always helps. You will find each site has their individual guidelines in regards to posting.

Resourse Guide To Help You

I’ve been getting great emails with great questions. I do my best to get back to them. However, if you haven’t read the book first. You should give it a good read.  It is as close to holding your hand step by step as I could make it. No sugar coating just your to take in and decide if being a career courtesan is right for you.

“The Courtesan Handbook” has a very useful resource guide in the back. These sites will help you get your start on a path to success. You will find a number of links to advertising, review sites, online communities, adult web designers, photographers and more.

One great place you may want to start is with the  HobbyxxxChange!HobbyxxxChange

Finding The Rate Right For You

The Courtesan Handbook mentions a number of variables for finding the right rate for you, as well as, the town you are in .

It is always best to research your city. This does not mean compare yourself to others.  There is no competition. Everyone has there own look and talents. There are plenty of clients to go around. In the case of rate, you MUST do what is comfortable to you. You of course don’t want to over sell yourself. It better to over delivery then under whelm.

Keep in mind you can always increase your rate as your talents as a courtesan improve. Some key things to consider when deciding rate.

1) What is the base for you city?

2) Are you going to be touring to another city or cities?

3) Are you presenting a professional image that reflects the rate you are requesting?

4) A woman tends to get what she asks for.

No one should ever make you feel pressured to lower or negotiate your rate. If a gentlemen isn’t comfortable with it. There are plenty of other ladies out there for him. Just stick to your business plan.


Personal Websites

A personal website can be beneficial for many reasons. One, all the information a client needs to know is posted on your site. That way when he contacts you there is no discussion regarding your services or money issues.

Two, it helps to create a sense of establishment.

Three, you are able to show case your own personal style, so that you can target the client base you are looking for.

Finally, they can view more images of you then are typically posted on an advertisement. Photos are what tend to sell most men.

Finding Your Image

Finding your image will consist of producing your best outward appearance, as well as, deciding how you want to be perceived in the market place. You want to create an image that will help you to feel strong and sexy. Your image should also be a projection of your true self.

I say this because with time keeping up an act or entirely separate personality can consume more mental energy then need be. In time you will have a distinct separation between your personal and work lives. With this selecting a name that suits your persona is important. It can be challenging, yet very fun creating this new you.

Simple Steps To Taking Your Own Photos

Here are some instructions on taking photos on your own. You will of course need a camera with a self timer. Once again you can use a nice area of your own home to take them. Doing photos yourself outdoors is a bit tricky, so I would stick to the house. A tripod will be helpful in positioning the camera. If you don’t have one you can try placing the camera on a flat steady surface.

The bathroom is sometimes a good place to capture good photos. This is because you can aim the camera for the flash to bounce off the mirror to give you added flash. Do not aim it directly at the mirror, but just off to the side. That way the flash is not bursting into the mirror. You want it catching enough reflection to add more light to your photo. This achieves a similar effect as a professional camera. You can also poise in the mirror at the same time, so you know you are getting a good angle of your body. What you may see happen later is that when you crop. The actual image you use will be the one that is transposed in the mirror. The camera will be behind you, so your actually body won’t be facing the camera. In your photo you will see two images. One image will be you with your back somewhat to the camera. Then a second image in the mirror and has your perfect poise.

When you go to crop you will crop out the image in the mirror with the frontal view. There are two downsides to this you should know. First, doing this yourself will take twice as much time. Two, if you do use a bathroom mirror that is at waist level you will only get a half to three-quarter shot of yourself. If you have a full length mirror and can hang a white back drop behind you. You can avoid that problem and get some good full length picks. That is my final tip. If you just have no good background to work with. A good white sheet, ironed flat, is your best friend. Hang it up and shoot in front of it. White is similar to a mirror in that the light bounces of it and will create a better image.

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