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Simple Things To Do

Here are a few simple tips for interacting with your clients. It’s not rocket science. However, depending you where you live. You may find some companions forget the basics. Seduction doesn’t start nor end in the bedroom.

Quick “Do” List:

  • Answer emails and phone calls in a timely manner.
  • Be on time.
  • Always be ready and in the mood to entertain.
  • Always find something to be complimentary about.
  • Get directions ahead of time.
  • Be sure you have done your screening ahead of the appointment time.
  • Always dress appropriate for each meeting.
  • Try to be courteous at all times, EVEN if a client is being abrasive and you are walking out or canceling.
  • Keep up your appearance with proper diet, exercise and skin care.
  • Call if you are more than fifteen minutes late.
  • Practice faking an orgasm.
  • Send a “Thank You” note as a follow up.

Have a blessed day!

Arden Moon

True Threesome Fantasies

” A true duo or bisexual fantasy means the two providers are actually bisexual.  It is best to do this with someone you know and with whom you are comfortable.  A true threesome will have interaction (no faking) between all parties.  This is one of my favorite times to break out the toy bag.  From my experience the majority of men like to watch.  This is a great time for kissing, fondling, dildos, and other toys.  Either method will still get you paid.  Actually being into the act of a threesome will get you repeat business, not to mention there is a higher comfort level for everyone involved if you are truly enjoying it and not trying to put on an act.  Men may be thinking more with the “little head” at this point, but they are not completely ignorant.  If you fake it they can tell.  If there is a specific request that it be all about him, then any two escorts will do.” ` “The Courtesan Handbook”


I feel these are the most fun for everyone. Also less pressure on the client to perform for two ladies, when those ladies are entertaining each other.

Meeting New Clients

Meeting new clients can be a bit of a dance you learn with time. Both sides are typically nervous. Neither knows just what to expect.

I feel as the courtesan it’s your job to help the client get past the nerves. Nervousness is to be expected. The sooner you can make the person feel as if they are in good hands the better. Initially you will need to read your clients verbiage and behavior. Some need your undivided attention. Others need you to take them away.

The key to this is listening. If he isn’t saying much, then it’s most likely good for you to take the lead. Make him feel at ease. A bit of humor is always good to help break the ice. If he’s talking to you about things that have been stressful then just listen. Then continue by taking his mind off the things that may be burdening him.

Not ever person will let you in enough to do this. However, it should be your intent to make your best effort every time.


Teaching Your Client

Not all men are great lovers. There is nothing wrong with a little instruction. Some men aren’t sure for proper technique on a woman.

This can be due to a number of reasons. You are in a safe open environment with him. If for some reason what he is doing is uncomfortable for you, speak up. You don’t have to be abrasive. You don’t have to be speaking for all woman.

You can make it fun and sexy. Show him how you like it. A little teaching session goes a long way.

Men often love to learn. Not to mention he will think of you each time he using his new tool.

Have a great day!


More About Fellatio

Added stimulation at the tip is typically very helpful. In early fetal stages the human anatomy is the same. I believe that is why tend to be more sensitive at the tip, due to the fact, that had they been female. This same anatomical area would have been the clitoris.

A few weeks after fertilization, the initial appearance of the human fetal genitalia is basically feminine: a pair of “urogenital folds” with a small protuberance in the middle, and the urethra behind the protuberance.

In typical fetal development, the presence of the SRY gene causes the fetal gonads to become testes; the absence of it allows the gonads to continue to develop into ovaries Thereafter, the development of the internal reproductive organs and the external genitalia is determined by hormones produced by fetal gonads (ovaries or testes) and the cells’ response to them.

If the fetus has testes, and if the testes produce testosterone, and if the cells of the genitals respond to the testosterone, the outer urogenital folds swell and fuse in the midline to produce the scrotum; the protuberance grows larger and straighter to form the penis; the inner urogenital swellings swell, wrap around the penis, and fuse in the midline to form the penile urethra.

If testosterone is not present, normal female development continues, with the development of a perineal urethra and the formation of a uterus, clitoris and vagina. ~ Wikipedia

This video is a bit cheesy. However, the information is helpful if you are not well versed in this area

True Threesomes

In my opinion you have at least two kinds of threesomes. This does not include couples how have their own special needs.

The first type is a “two on one”. This means you can have any to ladies, bi or not. They make a show or double team the client. For the most part all attention is on him. Depending on your personality this may work. Many find it too much stimulation and can ‘t focus. To me this is more of a show.

The second type is what I really enjoy. In the “true Bi’ encounter both ladies are bisexual. This way during playtime the attention is spread. The man can lay back and have some great visuals or participate at anytime. To me this is a true threesome. There is a lot of love to spread around sort to speak. It’s like a little party and so much fun!

If you are looking into trying to threesome as a male or female. You may want an established female duo that is truly bisexual and love what they are doing. I have found those encounter to be the most memorable.

If you are an escort who is just not comfortable with a woman on an intimate level. Then I would say that a threesome situation is probably not right for you to offer as a service.


Have a fabulous Holiday!

Arden Moon





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