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Escorting and Dating

This is a question I hear very often from escorts. Can I still date? What do I tell him?

There are escorts in very strong relationships. Some ladies are even married. I have seen couples out there that work together.

If you are an escort looking to date it can be hard. The preconceived notions of what you actually do can stand in the way. It’s hard for someone who hasn’t been in the business to understand in total what an escort does.

For the most part I see ladies who make up stories and don’t tell the person they are dating the truth. The advice I was given by my friends and family was similar. “Let him get to know you first”, they would say. To me this was lying. I didn’t want someone to fall for me. Then months later I’m faced with telling them the truth. At that point even if they do understand. Will they be upset I was dishonest for so long? I know I would be. My most successful and longest relationships have been with men in the adult business. Of course the chances of you meeting a club owner, dancer or male escort that you have feelings for is statistically low. I’ve been blessed.

My advice is to plan to not to date seriously or be honest. I don’t feel stressing yourself with lies or drama is worth it. Escorting can be an alienating position. It is tempting to go against your better judgement to fill the needs of the heart. Whether it is worth it for you in the long run, only you can decide. Make friends with ladies in the industry. I find that to always be helpful.

Follow your heart when it comes to dating and what information you share. People’s minds tend to be more open these days. You never know how true and deep things can run in a relationship.

I wish you all the best!




Simple Things To Do

Here are a few simple tips for interacting with your clients. It’s not rocket science. However, depending you where you live. You may find some companions forget the basics. Seduction doesn’t start nor end in the bedroom.

Quick “Do” List:

  • Answer emails and phone calls in a timely manner.
  • Be on time.
  • Always be ready and in the mood to entertain.
  • Always find something to be complimentary about.
  • Get directions ahead of time.
  • Be sure you have done your screening ahead of the appointment time.
  • Always dress appropriate for each meeting.
  • Try to be courteous at all times, EVEN if a client is being abrasive and you are walking out or canceling.
  • Keep up your appearance with proper diet, exercise and skin care.
  • Call if you are more than fifteen minutes late.
  • Practice faking an orgasm.
  • Send a “Thank You” note as a follow up.

Have a blessed day!

Arden Moon

When To Say No

When do you say no. Anytime your gut tells you too. Even if gentlemen are well screened there could be a gut feeling that you just won’t “click”. This could come from his verbiage, constant emails or perhaps an inappropriate comment. It is always best to go with you gut. You may or may not always be right. It’s best if you can be in a position where you don’t have to take the appointment, so you feel free to just say no.

It’s much better to let an appointment go than to enter a situation you aren’t 100% comfortable in. Many times you will find you are right. It’s never good for either side if an appointment doesn’t go well or you are hurt.

Always remind yourself. “All money isn’t good money”. Sometimes taking the chance things will go south just isn’t worth the risk. Always know that you can just say “no thank you”.

Have a great day!

Arden Moon

A Good Tax Resource

It’s that time of year! There are some great firms who specialize in helping ladies in the industry do their taxes, etc.

You may want to look into a company that can give you assistance in this area. They are here to help. It’s a very important issue to cover in your business. They are able to assist you whether or not they are located near you. I feel it’s good to have peace of mind on this topic.

Have a great week!

Arden Moon

Westwood Tax


Tele: (212)835-1664

Gauging A Client’s Personality

Excerpt from The Courtesan Handbook:

“A good place to start is to gauge your client’s personality.  In my case, one of the first things I always looked for was whether or not the client wanted to control the session.  Is he the type, instead, to just lay back and let me take him for a ride?  Another thing I would look for first off was if he was the type that liked to talk “to me” or “at me.”  If he was a talker, I knew I had to put my listening ears on.  If he enjoyed mutual conversation then I would start off by finding out his interests.  These are just a couple of common things that will differ from gentlemen to gentlemen.

Being personable and using your common sense will make it very easy for you to get through almost any situation.  A key point to keep in mind is that men are only human.  They may even tend to be very simple creatures at times.  However, given a few moments you can find something of interest in just about any personality”



Amazon Review Jan. 2, 2014


“Outstanding. Clear. Accurate! Worth purchasing. He knowledge is extensive and she shares it in a concise manner. Helpful. Useful. Website with additional resources.” ~ Margaret Mallahan

Marketing and Your Ego

Welcome to 2014!

In the coming year you will see new things heading your way in regards to online marketing. Beware!Don’t cater to you ego to fill someone’s pocket.

You have seen the websites who parade reviews across the world-wide web. Only then to place, or not, place you on a subjective list of supposed elite companions. You will see new sites arise doing the same. I promise you a vast majority of these sites come and go within 2 yrs maximum. These reviews and placement “do not” an elite courtesan make. They are subjective. Often the are one-sided, bought, begged, charmed or negotiated for. I encourage you NOT to be sucked in. This is catering to your ego only! This is how the advertisers get you to spend hard-earned money on sites for appearance sake, which actually bring you little to no business. Do you want to be part of the herd or do you want to stand out for your individual talents? The potential client does care about a label at the end of the day. In fact it is to your disadvantage to be anything but yourself. Yes, you are often selling a fantasy. However, there is a difference between delivering that fantasy and creating an image which promotes some higher expectation that no woman can deliver. This doesn’t nurture repeat visits.

I encourage you to do your research when spending you advertising dollar. Something that works for one escort may not work for another. Don’t be sucked in because you aren’t “featured” on every website in town. This is the industries way to cater to your ego. Words like “feature” “elite” “sponsored” “advanced placement” are all ego based to make you feel as if you are creating a place for yourself that makes you special. You are special. However, is that placement doing what it truly should. Bringing you new clients and companions. Is it really telling people who you are? Or in the end are you just another name on the list or a face on a row of photos?

I ask that you think independently. Don’t follow what you think the perceived top ladies are doing. Don’t follow something a gentlemen hobbyist tells you, because he must know what works. A large part of this business on many levels is about going with you gut. If I can be so bold, follow your heart. What it true to you? How do you want to be seen?

How do you do this? Take control of your own image and the avenues you control. Take a fresh look at your website. Does it truly make a statement about who you are? Take a look at your photos. Take advantage of a blog or personal page so that people can get to know you. Great connections make for great companions. You can catch their eye with a great photograph. You can keep their attention by starting a connection before they even contact you with appropriate content that represents you. Don’t allow them to direct you by catering to your ego.

Stay in your lane, but never stay married to a position. DO YOU!

Wishing you all the best in 2014! ~ Arden Moon



A Quick Note From Arden

Thank you again to all who have given such positive feedback in regards to the insight The Courtesan Handbook has given them.

I have been asked if there will be a second book with more in-depth information on certain topics, as well as, address some more advanced issues not in this printing. The answer is “yes”.

I am happily taking notes from your questions and comments. Again, I had to remove a couple of chapters to not make to book overwhelming with new information. I wanted to reader to feel she is being guided through the initial set up of her career. My next book will cover more tricks of the trade so to speak. Give away some things few are open to talk about and definitely cover more on marketing on the world-wide web.

So please keep those suggestions and comments coming! Don’t worry. You won’t insult be. I know each person’s experience is different. I love to hear your thoughts. You are always free to comment here. You can also reach me through

Have a blessed day!

Arden Moon

Support Email Address

The Courtesan Handbook does have a support email address.

If you have questions you would like me to address on this site please feel free to contact me.

This support address is also good if you:

~ Would like to advertise on this site

~ Are an established provider and wold like to write an editorial

~ If you provider a service, such as counseling or tax services to the escorting community and would like to advertise your services. I am also happy to entertain you writing an entry in regards to the services you provide.

If you feel you have something positive to contribute. Please don’t be shy.

You can contact me at:

Wishing you the best!

Arden Moon


Author’s Request


If you have read The Courtesan Handbook and found it of value. Please feel free to write a review on Amazon.

It can always be anonymous. I would greatly appreciate it. It will let people know this is not “fluff” and can truly be useful to those starting out or not sure if they have all the information they need to be a successful escort in the digital age.

Thank you!


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